Which is right for you?

At Monarch, we offer both self-directed IRA and self-directed, solo 401k accounts. Both accounts allow the manager to control how assets are invested with the ability to invest in creative investment strategies like real estate, cryptocurrencies, private money placements, tax lien certificates, tax deed properties, and more.


In short, Solo 401k accounts are the best option for those who are self-employed and are looking to contribute more to their retirement accounts. Those who are not currently self-employed, with our aid, can set up the necessary structure to become self-employed to take advantage of a Solo 401k.

Self-Directed IRA

An SDIRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows for its assets to be invested in a large assortment of investment types determined by the account owner.

These accounts are available in both Traditional IRAs (money taxed when money is pulled from the account) and Roth IRAs (money taxed before entry to the IRA and gains are not taxed). 

Self-Directed SOLO 401k

A Solo 401k is a retirement account specifically for those self-employed or who own a business without any full-time W2 employees. Managers and owners of Solo 401k accounts have the ability to invest the assets in various investment strategies similar to an SDIRA; however, one primary difference is that Solo 401k accounts allow for greater annual contributions.


  • Solo 401 (k)
SDIRASolo 401 (k)
QualificationsMust be an individual with earned income or another retirement account with funds to rollover to this new SDIRA.Must be self-employed with no other W2 employees aside from the business owner and partners.
Max Contributions$6,500 max annual contribution, or $7,500 if the account owner is over 50 years old.$66,000 max annual contribution. Contributions can come from the individual as both the employee and employer.
Traditional vs. RothYou can have a self-directed Roth IRA and/or a self-directed Traditional IRA.A Solo 401 (k) can have a Traditional account and a Roth account.
CostThere is a setup charge and an annual maintenance charge. The cost to setup an SDIRA is $1,997 with an annual fee of $250 each subsequent year.Our fee for a self-directed and self-trusteed solo 401(k) is $1,997 with a recurring annual charge of $250 each subsequent year.
CustodianAn IRA must have a third party custodian who is the trustee of the IRA. The custodian on our accounts is Solera Bank.A 401(k) can be self trustee’d, meaning the business owner can be the trustee of the 401(k).
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