About Us



If you’re anything like us, then you’re an investor with some money in an underperforming retirement account, or an investor with assets just out of reach in a traditional retirement account.

You’re an unconventional investor stuck in a traditional world.

Monarch was created to fill a need for investors that would like to use their retirement accounts to invest in creative investment strategies like real estate, tax lien certificates, hard money, and more.


Setting up a self-directed retirement account is impossible unless you know what you’re doing. Finding the right bank, knowing which type of account is right for you, setting up your company correctly… it’s a lot. Our team will make the complex and confusing process simple. Our expert staff can guide you through the process of moving your money from a traditional account that limits you to stocks and mutual funds to a self-directed account where you also have the option of investing in creative investments.

Ultimate Control

When you setup a self-directed retirement account with Monarch, you not only have the power to invest in creative investment strategies, but you also have the ability to simply write a check to direct where the money is invested.

There are other companies that offer self-directed retirement accounts, but very few that offer checkbook control. Most require that you submit your deals for approval and pay a fee to move your money, but through our relationships you’ll be able to take action right away, invest your money, and avoid the excessive fees.


Self-directed retirement accounts allow investors to place their money in non-traditional investment vehicles, vehicles that are not typically used by traditional investment firms, namely stocks, bonds, and funds.

Monarch takes “self-directed” one step further than most and allows investors to invest their money in almost every investment type, with just a few exceptions, but only the very few exceptions that the IRS has deemed will disqualify the account. Besides that, it’s fair game.

Check out the Prohibited Transactions to make sure you’re in the clear.

*Please note that Monarch is neither an Investment Advisor nor Broker Dealer and cannot consult on your individual investments.

Investment Options

There are so many investment options that are available to you when investing through a self-directed retirement account through Monarch. If you have any questions about potential placements, please contact us and we can assist you. Here are just a few possibilities: 

Real Estate
Promissory Notes
Precious Metals
Tax Liens
Mutual Funds